Nevada Seeks EMAP Accreditation

The Nevada Division of Emergency Management (NDEM) will seek accreditation of its Emergency Management Program later this year through the Emergency Management Accreditation Program (EMAP) assessment process. EMAP is an independent non-profit organization that fosters excellence and accountability in emergency management and homeland security programs by establishing credible standards, the Emergency Management Standard by EMAP – 2010 edition, applied in a peer review accreditation. There are a total of 64 standards that must be fully met by providing sufficient documentation that serve as proofs of compliance. NDEM began its current accreditation efforts in January 2012 with NDEM staff being briefed on the requirements and timeline of the accreditation project. Several local, county, tribal, state agency and private sector Emergency Management Program stakeholders are actively engaged in providing guidance on various emergency management program, project, product and processes.

During the week of December 3-7, 2012 several emergency management subject matter experts from throughout the United States will arrive in Carson City to begin the fourth phase of the six-step accreditation process: “On-Site Assessment”. July 1st marked the halfway point of the EMAP project with several of the 64 standards already completed or near completion.

The Emergency Management Accreditation Program (EMAP) is the voluntary assessment and accreditation process for emergency management programs. EMAP provides a means for strategic improvement of emergency management programs, culminating in accreditation.

For further information please contact Bud Marshall, EMAP Manager for the accreditation project, at (702) 486-4328 or

Countdown to EMAP Accreditation