School Emergency Program

Schools Prepared and Ready Together Across Nevada (S.P.A.R.T.A.N) is a Nevada Homeland Security Commission grant-funded initiative that was developed to address issues pertaining to school emergency management in the State of Nevada. SPARTAN is designed to share the best practices in school emergency management. A part of the SPARTAN initiative is a web-site dedicated to comprehensive school emergency planning. This website provides the district and schools with a plan for preventing emergencies or mitigating their impact, preparing for and responding to those that do occur, and recovering from them physically and psychologically. This website helps develop plans that are built around key standards, and it aligns with all federal guidelines for emergency readiness in schools. The benefits of the SPARTAN web-based program include:

    • “Living” emergency plans that are always up to date and remain current.
    • Easy to search - by role, incident, response or keyword.
    • School and building-specific maps, procedures, floor plans, evacuation plans and more.
    • Builds sustained internal capacity for emergency preparedness
    • Provides enhanced situational awareness to security and public safety officers, risk managers and emergency first responders.
    • Enhances compliance with State and Federal standards and industry best practices.
    • Password-protected access control. NDEM provides access to the School District designated administrator, who in turn provides access to school staff and local first responders within their jurisdiction.

      Click on your county jurisdiction to access SPARTAN’s Crisis Response Plan Website.