Contact List

DEM Administration

Caleb S. Cage
Chief and Homeland Security Advisor
Jim Walker
Emergency Management Preparedness Manager
Justin Luna
Fiscal and Administration Section Manager
Kelli Anderson
Recovery/Grants Section Manager
Matt Williams
Executive Assistant to DEM Chief

DEM Staff

Annette Anderson
Program Officer - Grants and Recovery Section
Bill Elliott
Lead Preparedness Planner - Preparedness Section
Chalan Goodman
Program Officer II - Grants and Recovery Section
Darlene Loff
Training & NIMS Compliance Support - Preparedness Section
Debbie Taylor-Cramer
Resource Management and Credentialing - Preparedness Section
Eric Wilson
Administrative Officer - Fiscal Section
Gail Powell
External Affairs
Janell Woodward
State Hazard Mitigation Officer - Grants and Recovery Section
Jay Giovacchini
Compliance Officer - Grants Section
Jon Bakkedahl
State Training Officer - Preparedness Section
Judith Lyman
Management Analyst - Fiscal Section
Karen Hall
Management Analyst for Homeland Security Section
Kathy Meek
Accounting Assistant - Fiscal Section
Kelli Baratti
Planning and Operations Supervisor - Preparedness Section
Kirsten Sherve
Operations Officer - Preparedness Section
Lorayn Walser
EMPG Coordinator - Grants and Recovery Section
Loretta Smith
Program Officer - Preparedness Section
Lori DeGristina
Preparedness Planner- Preparedness Section
Marci Mueller
Administrative Assistant II - Fiscal Section
Michelle Dobbs
Accountant Technician - Fiscal Section
Paul Burke
Search and Rescue,Communications and Technology Supervisor - Preparedness Section
Robert Plant
Program Officer II - SEOC Communications - Preparedness Section
Shae Schultz
NPSCC / SLIGP / NESC Support - Grants and Recovery Section
Sherrean Whipple
Administrative Assistant - Travel, Fiscal Section
Sonja Williams
Grants Supervisor - Grants and Recovery Section
Stephanie Parker
Program Officer II - Grants and Recovery Section
Homeland Security Grants Specialist - Grants and Recovery Section
Susan Coyote
State Recovery Officer - Grants and Recovery Section
Timothy Cary
State Exercise Officer - Preparedness Section

DEM Southern Nevada Office

Nevada Parole & Probation Southern Command
215 E Bonanza Las Vegas, NV 89101
Fax: 702-486-4493

Nevada Statewide Interoperability Coordinator
Bud Marshall
Liaison, Training and Exercise Supervisor - Preparedness Section
Kendall Herzer
Programs Officer- Preparedness Section