Satellite Communication Vehicle "Satcom"

The Division of Emergency Management with the Department of Public Safety has developed three highly specialized communication vehicles for use in multi-agency, multi-discipline and multi-organizational response incidents where specialized communication systems are required to perform emergency response.

These three (3) vehicles are identically equipped and will be pre-located in Carson City, Elko and Southern Nevada for use by state, county, city or special district local governments. The capabilities are unique in the communication arena and to the generally accepted mobile command post configuration, in that these vehicles are not designed to be used as a mobile command post, but rather a complimentary adjunct to a responding organizations field ICP communication systems.

A series of Department of Public Safety and Division of Emergency Management policy statements will be published to direct how the vehicle(s) may be requested, how they will be delivered to an ICP and what requirements will be placed on the user organization. 

The units are configured with the following operational, satellite, and interoperable communication equipment to perform the following interoperable communication tasks: 


  • UHF, VHF, 700/800, and 800 EDACs radio frequencies;
  • Operate in receive and transmit on frequencies; Crossband frequencies for users within range.
  • Two separate satellite telephones.
  • Printer/Fax/Copier.
  • Generate electric power from 4Kw built in generator;
  • Can receive or provide power to external users;
  • Can receive or give television signal through pass through port;
  • Code 3, 4WD, Emergency Vehicle; designed to reach incident scene within 4-6 hours of dispatch;
  • Two marine satellite domes work independently to provide telephone service, internet service and television service in receive and transmit mode; signal remains connected while moving
  • Two “open source” laptop computers with local area wireless network; Transmits WIFI
  • Programmable radio interface/converter console to connect 6 pod, VHF, UHF, 700-800 MHz and 800 MHz frequencies with incident communications; enables cell phone/POTS telephone conversion to radio signal;
  • CO2 detector for operator safety during generator use;
  • Can receive or provide Video up-link and/or down-link