Exercise Section

Exercise section is committed to providing the Nevada emergency management community, emergency response professionals, volunteers, and the private sector with the means to produce quality exercises that improves the preparedness of the State of Nevada, its citizens and resources. This is accomplished through the use of a State-wide exercise program: the Nevada Exercise Program (NEP), which includes standardized policies, processes, products, and assistance in all aspects of exercises. The NEP is an all hazard, multi-discipline, multi-jurisdictional program that utilizes a building-block approach with exercises of increasing complexity and scope.

Exercises validate capabilities of individuals, teams, organizations and communities to prevent, protect, respond, and recover from the effects of all emergency/disaster events. In order to successfully accomplish the validation of capabilities exercises need to have consistent processes for development, conduct, and evaluation. The Homeland Security Exercise and Evaluation Program (HSEEP) provides this consistency. All exercises conducted in Nevada, utilizing Federal grant funds, are required to adopt the principles and guidance provided in HSEEP.