Governor’s Commission on Homeland Security

In 2003 the Nevada Legislature created the Nevada Commission on Homeland Security as a response to the terror attacks against the United States on September 11, 2001. As described in Chapter 239C of the Nevada Revised Statues (NRS 239C), the Nevada Commission on Homeland Security is tasked with several responsibilities directed toward making recommendations to the Governor, the Legislature, local governments, private business, and citizens about actions and measures that may be taken to protect the citizens and visitors to this State from potential acts of terrorism and related emergencies.

The duties of the Commission include:

  • Making recommendations to the Governor, Legislature, State agencies, local governments, businesses, and private citizens about actions to be taken to protect against terrorism;
  • Making recommendations, through the Division of Emergency Management, on the use of money received by the State from homeland security grants or related programs;
  • Proposing goals and programs to counteract acts of terrorism;
  • Ensuring the safety of Nevada’s residents and the critical infrastructures of the State by identifying the susceptibility of those infrastructures to terrorist acts;
  • Examining the use and deployment of response agencies;
  • Reviewing the interoperability of the State’s communications systems and the efficacy of emergency (911) telephone systems, including establishment of a State plan for the compatibility and interoperability of the State’s information and communication systems for response agencies and advising the Governor about such systems with particular emphasis on public safety radio systems;
  • Coordinating between government agencies to avoid duplication; and
  • Submitting an annual briefing to the Governor on the assessment of the State’s preparedness, including an assessment of response plans and vulnerability assessments of utilities, and public and private entities.

The Nevada Commission on Homeland Security has the responsibility to advise the Governor and the Legislature on any and all means that will improve the safety and security of the State, our residents and visitors.


The Governor’s Office of Homeland Security (OHS) acts as the Cabinet-level State office for the prevention of and preparation for a potential terrorist event. Nevada OHS directs and coordinates a comprehensive counter terrorism and “all threats-all hazards” approach in its prevention, preparedness and response strategies.

Nevada OHS in meeting its mission of prevention, detection, and deterrence of terrorism focuses on enhanced information collection and sharing, critical infrastructure protection, citizen preparedness, and strengthening Interoperable Communications.

Nevada OHS priorities are set through a collaborative approach to the various homeland security issues. Our success depends on partnerships among federal, state, tribal and local agencies; as well as the private sector and citizenry at large.

Homeland Security Grant Program Process

Homeland Security Commission Members