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Tim Cary - State Exercise Officer
Tim Cary - State Exercise Officer

It’s that time of year again where as a State we look to create a Multi-Year Training and Exercise Plan/Schedule coinciding with calendar years 2018 – 2020. This year is different, however. Normally we have a physical workshop in at least two locations: one down South and one up North. This year we have sent to all Nevada’s emergency management community a request to visit the State’s WebEOC, sign in, and enter your trainings and exercises into the calendar. Clark County has been doing so into their WebEOC, but the other 16 counties haven’t done it this way until now.

Our WebEOC link is: and we asked our community to go to the link, sign in, and open the calendar. It takes just a few minutes practice to become an expert. One thing to note is that if you do NOT know the exact date(s) of a training or exercise yet, but do know the month, simply enter the name of the training and/or exercise followed by (Date TBD) somewhere on that month. This should help others who look at your entry know that the exact date is still unknown but will be forthcoming. Questions concerning WebEOC contact :  Kendall Herzer 702-486-4330 

Entries made in the month of December 2017 will be part of the AAR/IP that goes into FEMA as our proof that we held a workshop (electronically at least). Those who entered something in will get credit for an exercise as usual. 

December isn’t the end of this calendar, as the Multi-Year Training and Exercise Plan/Schedule is a LIVING document meant to be continuously updated. Expect me to send out reminders every Quarter for our community to visit the calendar and make sure your entries are updated.  

If you have questions or recommendations, please feel free to email me at:  

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Tim Cary

State of Nevada Multi-Year Training and Exercise Plan 2016 - 2018