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NDEM is making available in this Blog a link to our newest Multi-Year Training and Exercise Plan (MY-TEP) for the State of Nevada. The schedule is in an Excel spreadsheet form and contains six sheets. Sheet 1 is the Exercise schedule for 2016, sheet 2 is the exercise schedule for 2017, and sheet 3 is the exercise schedule for 2018. Sheets 4 through 6 are the training schedules for each of the succeeding years 2016 through 2018 consecutively.

The exercises are color-coded based on using one of the five “Commission on Homeland Security’s” priority Core Capabilities as recorded in the legend.  

The actual schedule is based on jurisdictions, agencies, and organizations that attended one of the two Training and Exercise Planning Workshops (TEPW) on November 4, 2015 in Las Vegas and November 5, 2015 in Carson City. Many jurisdictions could not attend, but can send into DEM exercise Officer what trainings and exercises they want to include into this document. The MY-TEP is a “Living” document that is updated as necessary and is completely revamped annually at the end of each calendar year per DHS Grant requirements.

If you want more information on any particular training or exercise please contact me. If I cannot help you, then I will get you into contact with the person who can. 

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State of Nevada Multi-Year Training and Exercise Plan 2016 - 2018