Nevada Earthquake Safety Council (NESC)

The mission of the Nevada Earthquake Safety Council (NESC) is to provide decision makers and the general public with information and actions to reduce earthquake losses and speed recovery. The Council promotes earthquake awareness and preparedness through education, research, and policy recommendations. The Council facilitates public input, develops consensus about seismic issues within the public and private sectors, and is the public advisory body for State seismic safety policy. Earthquake Safety Council meets on a quarterly basis.

The Nevada Earthquake Safety Council (NESC) was established through the authority contained in Nevada Revised Statutes (NRS) Chapter 414.1, which authorizes the Chief of the Nevada Division of Emergency Management and Homeland Security (DEM) to carry out the emergency management program for the State of Nevada.

NESC Members:

  •  Ronald Lynn – Chair – Building Official, Southern Nevada 
  •  Graham Kent – Vice Chair – Seismology, Statewide 
  •  Michael Blakely - Structural Engineers 
  •  Ian Buckle – University of NV, Northern Nevada 
  •  Wayne Carlson – Local Government, City 
  •  Craig dePolo – Geosciences, Northern Nevada 
  •  Jim Faulds (Rich Koehler - Interim)  - Member at Large, Northern Nevada 
  •  Timothy Ghan – Insurance, Statewide 
  •  Jeff Hahn – Business and Industry, Southern Nevada 
  •  Werner Hellmer – Building Officials, Southern Nevada 
  •  Connie Morton – Community Organizations, Southern Nevada 
  •  Jim O’Donnell – Member at Large, Southern Nevada 
  •  Rob Palmer – State Government 
  •  Woody Savage – Geosciences, Southern Nevada 
  •  Wanda Taylor – University of Nevada, Southern Nevada 
  •  Jim Werle – Engineering, Southern Nevada 
  •  Kyle West – Building Officials, Northern Nevada 
  •  Michael Wilson – Education, Statewide     



Vacant Positions: 

  • Business and Industry, Northern Nevada  
  • Elected Official – Northern Nevada 
  • Elected Official – Southern Nevada  
  • Local Government, County 

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