The State of Nevada - Division of Emergency Management/Homeland Security receives National Emergency Management Accreditation

The State of Nevada - Division of Emergency Management/Homeland Security (DEM) has achieved full accreditation and exhibits “best practices” in the management of emergencies by the Emergency Management Accreditation Program (EMAP).    

EMAP is a voluntary accreditation process for state, territorial and local governments’ emergency management programs that coordinate preparedness and response activities for all disaster types based on national standards. It recognizes the ability of emergency management programs to bring together personnel, resources and communications from a variety of agencies and organizations in preparation for and in response to an emergency, in addition to obtaining the ability to measure those capabilities.

DEM was the lead agency responsible for ensuring the state’s accreditation, which is a means of demonstrating through program examination, documentation and on-site assessment by an independent team that a program meets national standards. 

DEM met stringent criteria and went through a rigorous yearlong program of evaluation, documentation and review. The EMAP process evaluates emergency management programs on compliance with 64 national standards in 16 functional areas, including: planning; resource management; training; exercises; evaluations and corrective actions; and communications and warning.

State of Nevada Letter of Accreditation

State of Nevada Letter of Accreditation

EMAP Accreditation Notification

EMAP Accreditation Announcement

For more information please contact Kendall Herzer, EMAP Coordinator at:
(702) 486-4330 or