Silver Shield

 Capitol Building 215 
 Capitol Building - Carson City 

Silver Shield, Nevada’s Critical Infrastructure Protection Program implements the National Infrastructure Protection Plan (NIPP) and incorporates its risk management framework into the program’s overall objectives.  Having initially formed with the mandate to conduct physical security assessments of critical infrastructure/key asset sites, the program has evolved to identify, prioritize, and assess risks regarding infrastructure, assets, systems, networks and functions critical to the state’s economic security, public health and safety. Silver Shield is to provide the greatest degree of mitigation to the greatest number of owner/users; establish private sector coordination; and distribute and or otherwise make available infrastructure data. 

Silver Shield Objectives include:

  • Identify, capture and catalog Critical Infrastructure/Key Resources (CI/KR) in Nevada
  • Assist public and private sectors in formulating and updating emergency response plans
  • Ensure that emergency response plans are available to dispatchers and first responders
  • Establish an ongoing Infrastructure Liaison Officer (ILO) information exchange program
  • Establish community education program and centralize report collection
  • Deploy the Terrorism Liaison Officer (TLO) awareness campaign
  • Develop framework for sector cooperation and information protection of CI/KR data
  • Conduct assessment of state surface transportation assets in urban centers
  • Integrate CI/KR protection process into planning for special/major events